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James Webster is the CEO and founder of ROK Financial, where he brings a passionate and innovative mindset to helping local businesses grow across the country. Since the age of 18, James developed a strong business understanding at a young age, having managed various sales floors. He has almost 21 years of experience in financing and payment processing.

In 2020, James Founded ROK, which he derived from the solid foundation that he built with his previous business partner at National Business Capital and Services. Like so many other businesses at the start of 2020, National was directly impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic and was forced to pause operations for months, as many businesses came to a halt. Being self-proclaimed ‘job makers’, both partners decided the best way to bring back as many of their valued and trusted employees as possible, was to part ways and work on separate brands. In turn, ROK Financial was born!

By helping other small businesses access the resources to reach new heights, James explores his passion for identifying a business’s strengths and weaknesses and investing in their success. He also educates and supports businesses on both a national and local level.

In 2019, James was named the co-chairman of the Small Business Financing Association Broker Council, a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring small businesses can access financing solutions that are clear, secure, and fair. In this role, James establishes responsible and transparent practices for alternative lending brokers while also educating policymakers and regulators about the technology-driven platforms that have emerged in the small business lending market.

James was born and raised on Long Island where he currently lives with his wife, Melissa, and their two children, Lilyanna and Jameson. He is an active member of the Long Island community and feels a special connection to local businesses. James personally contributes time and money to various charities, including donating fifty meals to Feeding America for every business that ROK funds. When not at the office, James enjoys almost all outdoor activities. Besides being a motorcycle enthusiast, James also enjoys boating, fishing, skiing, and live sporting events but, most of all, spending time with his wife and children!